Friday’s Program

The program outlined below is the latest edition. Any changes will be posted and available real time for viewing.


Registration will be available during all hours of the convention

2:30 Pm – 3:30 PM Early Bird meeting

2 Chairs – Speaker or Topic (TBD)

Meeting Room TBD

3:30 Pm – 4:00 PM Casual Welcome

In the Common Spaces

The Panel 1 and Workshop 1 are conducted concurrently
from 4:00 PM – 5:15PM

Panel 1

Our Three Legacies

4:00 PM – 5:15 PM
Room – TBD

a. Recovery through the Steps
b. Unity by the Traditions
c. Service with the Concepts

ModeratorDeborah S.
Presenter 1 (a)Dolores K. (Dist. 13)
Presenter 2 (b)Ann D.
Presenter 3 (c)Marcia N. (Dist. 1)
ReaderSusan C.
TimerApril S.

Workshop 1


4:00 PM – 5:15 PM
Room – TBD

a. Has technology changed AA?
B. In person vs Hybrid vs online only
C. Service with the Concepts

ModeratorRenee S. (Dist. 20)
Presenter 1 (a)John M. (Dist. 15)
Presenter 2 (b)Cathy P. (Dist. 20)
Presenter 3 (c)Lance L. (Dist. 3)
6:00 Pm – 7:30 PM Dinner

Prepaid or on your own

8:00 Pm – 9:15 PM Kick Off Speaker Meeting

Welcome: Cathy P., NENY Convention Chair
A.A. Speaker:
Al Anon Speaker:

10:30 Pm-12:00 AM Entertainment

Acoustic Coffee House (Proposed)
Room TBD

11:00 Pm –
Alkathon 45 Min meetings on the hour

Room TBD