Welcome to the NENY 2022 Convention hospitality home page

The hospitality room offers the opportunity for fellowship and connection, a chance to relax, grab a coffee, snacks and recharge (yourself and your phone) throughout the days of the convention. 

Groups have signed up to be in charge of the hospitality room over the three days. Picture “coffee maker” position on a larger scale. For two hour blocks of time, your group will refresh the coffee, restock food items that your group will provide, keep the room tidy, and greet people as they stop in.   If your group is interested in doing this service, please fill out the form below.  Only one group member needs to sign up for your group.  

As your group is planning, please keep in mind COVID protocols for safe food handling.   Any specific questions about the hospitality room please email district15dcm@aahmbny.org

Thank you for your service and looking forward to seeing all of you at the NENY 2022 Convention!

The NENY convention Hospitality Chair will provide the following items:

Coffee Pots
Disposable paper products, plates, bowls, cups, napkins
Disposable forks / knives / spoons
Large ice chests


Uno cards
Large puzzle
Power strip(s) for cell phone charging

Here are some suggestions/ideas for your group to provide for the hospitality room:

Granola bars
Fresh fruit
Individually wrapped items
Individual chip bags
Individual cereals
Peanut butter
Bottled water
Bottled juices
Milk, creamer, milk alternatives